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Steven Savage

Steven Savage is a technology program manager, writer, coach and speaker who goes by the moniker “Geek 2.0 – The Professional Geek”. Steven speaks, coaches, and writes on geeky careers, self-development, culture and creativity. He has created a line of books to help fans turn their hobbies into careers with works including Fan to Pro: Leveling Up Your Career With Your Hobbies, Focus Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers, and Focused Fandom: Fanart, Fanartists, and Careers. Steven is also a member of Crossroads Alpha, an alliance of geek sites, where he runs the career/community blog MuseHack and the creative site, Seventh Sanctum. Steven can be found at various fan conventions in the bay area, where he enjoys spreading the Geekery.