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Sydney Thomson﹐ M.D.

Sydney is a successful physician in the Bay Area. She is an avid science fiction fan, a dedicated student of historical swordplay, and a founding member of St. Michael's Salle d'Armes, along with her husband, Tony Barajas. Her motto: reality is for people who lack imagination. She has participated on panels from bioterrorism, cloning, DNA mapping, medical ethics, science fiction to science reality, historical swordplay from theatrical to practical, and wounds and historical survivability. She is an Instructor-at-Arms in foil from the SJ Fencing Master’s Program. In keeping with the spirit of BayCon 2015: Woman of wonder are the EXCEPTIONS that MAKE history! She is looking forward to spirited debate, challenging stereotypes and bending reality at BayCon 2015

My Guests Sessions

Saturday, September 27

10:00 PDT

14:00 PDT

Sunday, September 28

12:00 PDT

14:00 PDT