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Randy Smith

Randy Smith discovered the existence of fandom sometime in the dim, dark past of the 1970s when he was a skinny, bespectacled, nerdish, teenager. A few years later, fandom discovered him and there's been no turning back. He's written fanzine articles, pubbed APAzines, helped run conventions, spoken on panels, led book discussion groups, hosted parties, sung filksongs when no one could hear him, played roleplaying and other stfnal games, collected comics and old prozines, gone in search of interesting conversations, and done lots of other fannish stuff that he's probably forgotten about by now. On one occasion he even participated in a convention masquerade. If you see him around the con wearing a clergy collar, don't be alarmed. He's also an ordained United Methodist pastor.

My Guests Sessions

Saturday, September 27

14:00 PDT

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Sunday, September 28

09:00 PDT