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Jennifer McGaffey

Alameda, CA
I’m a Foreign Service brat, raised in five countries before high school (and I’ve lived in a couple more since then). I’ve been an avid reader since I can remember - primarily SF/F and other genre fiction, but just about any words-in-a-row will do. My interests include being a programmer, gardener, baker, crafter, and SCA member - the last two combined to produce an interest in fingerloop braiding and tablet weaving, among other fiber work (cross-stitch, knitting). I spend a lot of online time on LibraryThing.com as jjmcgaffey, and on Twitter as @jjmcgaffey. I run a home computer repair business, and am teaching myself Arduino programming and similar. I've gofered and presented at several conventions - the last several Baycons, Convolution, and Renovation (Worldcon 2009) for some.

My Guests Sessions

Friday, September 26

20:00 PDT

Sunday, September 28

10:00 PDT

12:00 PDT