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Taunya Gren

A little bit about myself...I've been acting professionally for 38 years, directing and producing film for 15 years and singing with the band "Puzzlebox" for 17 years (Puzzlebox will be performing in the UK in 2014!) I am a professional science fiction/fantasy artist and was a 3d animator/artist for computer and video games for 15 years.  Directed live television for 5 years.  Martial artist off and on for 20, and now screenwriter for 6 years.  

My Guests Sessions

Friday, September 26

14:00 PDT

20:00 PDT

Saturday, September 27

10:00 PDT

12:00 PDT

16:00 PDT

18:30 PDT

Sunday, September 28

10:00 PDT

12:00 PDT