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Dave Trowbridge

Dave Trowbridge wrote high-tech marketing copy for almost thirty years. This has made him an expert in what he calls “pulling stuff out of the cave of the flying monkeys,” so science fiction comes naturally. He abandoned corporate life in 2007—actually, it abandoned him—but not before attaining the rank of Dark Lord of Documentation. Dave is currently laboring over the second edition of the space-opera series Exordium with his co-author Sherwood Smith. He lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with his writer wife, Deborah J. Ross, a retired seeing-eye German Shepherd Dog named Tajji, and two cats with three eyes among them. When not writing Dave may be found wrangling vegetables—both domesticated and feral—in the garden, or re-training Tajji to be “just a dog,” a phrase that otherwise comes rarely to his lips when GSDs are involved. 
Blog: http://bookviewcafe.com/blog/author/davetrow/

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