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Tycho Haslund

Convolution, and Ole Haslund Photography
Business Services Director
Tycho Haslund was exposed to his first convention (the first Further Confusion) by friends at the age of sixteen. He's had the honor of attending every FC since then. In 2012, he helped them transition to the San Jose Convention Center from the Fairmont. Tycho began volunteering for BayCon in 2000, serving first as party maven, then as hotel liaison, and as Chairman in 2009. He has negotiated venue contracts for several different conventions in the last nine years, and worked with a majority of the Bay Area convention hotels located south of San Francisco. Tycho also has non-convention hobbies, if there are such things, including photography, painting, woodworking, and staring at the stars.

Convolution 2013 will be the first showing of Tycho's photography, where he attempts to use reality as encouragement for active day dreaming. Most of his works are the kinds of things that make him wish he was outside.