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Marie Knox

Hacker Dojo
San Jose, California
I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, and now call Silicon Valley my home. True to my hippie roots, I enjoy being outside, making as much food as I can from scratch, and wearing lots of turquoise. When I'm not outside frolicking, you can usually find me at Hacker Dojo herding cats, drawing meme-inspired signs, and keeping everything in order. Away from that magical place, and if I' not outside romping around, I can often be found in front of the X-Box battling my way through something (aside: I like to reach 100% completion on my games; the notable exception being Skyrim because no.)

My favorite food is salmon, and I am starting to discover the joys of arena football. I hate chocolate with a passion, and was born with no sense of smell. You might recognize me from my hilarious YouTube short "How to Use the Center-Pull Paper Towels" and my modeling work on the Dojo WePay site for shirts. I'm an award winning artist, and am a huge fan of otters and other fuzzy creatures (but mostly otters.)