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Heidi L Stauffer

Earth scientist/geologist
Heidi has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since she learned how read, which was almost before she could walk. She spent her childhood in Malaysia and the United States, raised in an international and multicultural family of scientists, artists, and educators. She's only been active in fandom since about 2005, although she attended her very first science fiction convention (a Star Trek convention) in 1992. She reads voraciously, everything from science fiction and fantasy to mysteries to poetry. She is also a writer but has not yet been published. In her other life, she is a scientist, with two degrees in geology, and work experience as an environmental geologist, a natural hazard disclosure consultant, and a science educator. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Earth Sciences, specializing in regional climate modeling. In her abundant spare time, she can be found singing in a choir, writing, crocheting, baking, and hiking.