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Tiamat Dragon

San Jose, California
Crazy Cat Lady

I am in my late thirties. I live with my husband and a roommate. I don't have kids and will not have any. I have 2 cats. I talk to my Roomba (robotic vacuum cleaner). I am very attached to my immediate family. I am the third of Four children. Two sisters and a brother. Mostly I consider myself as 1 of 3, because of the huge difference in age between the oldest and the three of us. The oldest, Virginia (whom I never really talk about) was born in 1966 and she is developmentally disabled so she is very different than us not that that's bad. My other older sister, Sandy was born in 1972, I was 1974, and the youngest Mike was born in 1976. My Dad died in 2007. Niki is sister in name.

I was known as Lestat and then Delirium on Gnomes Guest House.