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Sarah Goodman

I am an anthropologist by training, a gentlewoman by profession, and a retired bureaucrat on Official Documents. I have spent my life studying humankind and other sapient and semi-sapient races of the multiverse. Included among the activities involved in this study are: general and specific participation in various fannish (especially costuming and convention running) activities; trans-temporal re-creation activities (PEERS and Faires among others); hostessing; theatrical work both on stage and tech (“I costume the nude show!”); also massive amounts of reading, being an evil stepmother and a doting grandmamma, and serving as a personal assistant for her cats (one of whom is a Bengal). I am constantly concerned with the control and containment of chaos and clutter in an attempt to do my best to slow the heat-death of the universe; the universe is winning. Quand Même, there is dance in the old dame yet.

My Moderators Sessions

Saturday, September 27

12:00 PDT